Electric Bikes LA is now eRyde. New Name. Same People. Now offering more than just eBikes.

Electric Skateboard Brands We Carry

Electric skateboards are fun, cool, and youthful, built to embark on any everyday journey or adventure. These vehicles are ideal for cruising around town, getting to class or work, or simply enjoying the outdoors. With customizable models, fast recharge times, and the capacity to handle many obstacles, they're truly a mode of transport of the future.

One Wheel

One Wheel electric skateboards are precisely what they sound like: one-wheeled, electric boards! Founder of One Wheel Kyle Doerksen designed these unique-looking models to create more “pure-joy moments,” and each is customizable for optimal user experience. They feature brushless motors, multi-terrain capabilities, plus lean-to-go and Simplestop technology.

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Evolve electric skateboards were created in Australia in efforts to find the missing link between snowboarding, surfing, and staying on land. Their electric longboard designs embrace an endless wave lifestyle, and their multiple collections of award-winning models are crafted with eco-friendly materials like bamboo and fiberglass.

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Electric Skateboards Info

At Electric Bikes LA, we carry more than just our name implies, and electric skateboards are something you'll find in our showroom. With the rise of electric bicycles, it’s no surprise that other electric methods of transportation have arisen as well. Electric skateboards are a more leisurely electric vehicle, and certainly geared towards a different audience. They’re great for getting around town, campus, and suburban neighborhoods, though taking the kids to school or grabbing groceries might be tough on these models! Like electric bikes, electric skateboards are eco-friendly, trendy and stylish, and perfect for having some fun outside.