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Cargo Electric Bike Brands We Carry

Cargo electric bikes are those with loading space capable of carrying anything you need to bring along on your trip, from the kids to a grocery haul. Despite their larger frame, recent innovation by brands like Urban Arrow, Riese & Muller, Benno, Yuba, and Blix have made them just as precise, agile, and responsive as normal eBikes!

Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow is an electric bike brand known for reinventing the cargo bike, and their Family and Shorty models are proof! Their line of cargo bikes have a lowered center of gravity, heavy-duty protective features, and award-winning designs. They're ideal for bringing along kids, pets, or personal items.

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Riese & Muller

Riese & Muller has taken innovation above and beyond with their multiple cargo electric bikes. Their Load 60 and Load 75 have cargo-carrying capability while maintaining impeccable control, quick stopping, and fast acceleration. Their Packster 40 and Packster 70 family eBikes always put safety first, especially in the front-load cargo space.

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Benno models are designed for heightened speed, versatility, and adventure no matter the rider. Of their models, the eScout is Benno's ultimate cargo bike, capable of carrying substantial loads. It's fast and nimble due to its commuter style, but built on a strong and rigid frame for better cargo support.

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Yuba electric bikes are designed for cargo, and are especially great for new parents — whether to kids or four-legged friends. This brand consistently wins product innovation awards, and is celebrating five years of enhancing cargo ride quality, safety features, and load-controlled acceleration. Their Spicy Curry, Mundo Electric, and Super Marché are all phenomenal cargo bikes with unique benefits.

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Electric Cargo Bike Info

One benefit cars have over electric bikes is their storage capacity, right? Not anymore! Electric cargo bikes are the future for those bringing along kids, pets, luggage, and more. These bikes have either front or back cargo containers outfitted with seats, organization, or lockable features. Cargo bikes, despite their carrying capacity, still come with the precise handling and quick maneuvering of other eBikes. Each model is built to last with optimal materials, always putting strength and structure first so that any precious cargo you carry along stays safe. Electric cargo bikes often come with accessories for adding supplementary storage, or weather-resistant and weather-proof.