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Yuba Electric Bikes We Carry

Yuba electric bikes are designed for cargo, as well as entry-level riders. They fit a number of riders regardless of height or weight, and give you all you need to turn your life into a bike-friendly one. With many color options and plenty of add-ons, Yubas are especially great for new parents — whether to kids or four-legged friends.

Spicy Curry


Yuba's Spicy Curry long-tail bike model is built for “big loads and wiggly kids." This versatile model won the Eurobike Product Innovation Gold Award, and is celebrating five years of enhancing ride quality, safety features, and load-controlled acceleration. In addition to incredible handling, the Spicy Curry has an increased capacity battery pack and Kiox color display.

Mundo Electric


Yuba's Mundo Electric is the “minivan of cargo bikes” — with an added turbo boost. The bike is intricately overbuilt with a chromoly steel frame, Magura hydraulic disc brakes, and a full back-wheel fender to prevent debris from hitting precious cargo. With safety, comfort, and strength in mind, you can feel good about bringing the whole family.

Super Marché Electric


Yuba’s Super Marché model is a long frame that’s unique and stylish. It’s a California-inspired version of the Dutch front-loading cargo bike, and comes with an open loader, seat kit, and baseboard. It’s designed for active parents and small business owners commonly finding themselves on the go, and prioritizes stability.

Yuba Electric Bikes Info

Yuba is an electric bike brand that began designing their unique and conscientious models in California. Yuba has put the most important things first. For one, their bikes are sustainable and zero-emission for a feel-good ride. Bike components used exceed the highest global safety requirements and each model comes with extra security features built in, including bells, front lights, and rear lights. Yuba believes in reliability and durability, which is why their electric bikes are meant to last. We also love Yuba models for their many nooks, crannies, and cargo-friendly features for adventure accessories and add-ons.