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Pegasus Electric Bikes We Carry

As a top electric bike provider, it only makes sense to carry Pegasus electric bikes. Pegasus designs urban, lifestyle, folding, city, and trekking options. All of their models feature high-performance motors with powerful propulsion and Bosch automatic braking systems for maximum control and braking safety.



Stylish and chic, the Pegasus Premio category has a few alloy frame model variants of that range from 5 to 10-speed. Each comes equipped with a Bosch Performance Line CX motor, large 28" wheels, and bright lights for increased visibility. Powerful and sporty, it's a great all-arounder.

Pegasus Electric Bikes Info

Pegasus has been in the eBike market since 2010, with a majority of their presence being in bike-friendly Europe. They began making bikes over 30 years ago, and have always listened to customer feedback in order to better create bikes that fit the people they serve. Practical and pretty, Pegasus electric bikes were developed to be high-quality, safe, and comfortable — at a fair price. The brand is notable for its quality control council, as well as its new year-by-year models that they're continuously improving and upgrading. Because they partner with premium suppliers, Pegasus always has the most innovative systems before their competitors.