• Feel the power with Stromer’s ST5 Premium model.

  • See what sleek really means with a Stromer.

  • Gazelles are designed to elevate your everyday adventures.

  • See the city the right way on a Gazelle.

  • Blix’ versatile bikes are always ready for any riding conditions.

  • Never leave anything behind; Blix’ Packa fits it all.

  • For a ride that feels like flying, go Pegasus.

  • See the world your way on a premium Pegasus.

  • Trails, terrain, and touring: Bulls’ EVO collection is a must.

  • Embrace your need for speed with Bulls’ Wild One bike.

  • Urban Arrow’s models are passenger-friendly!

  • With room for the whole fam, Urban Arrows are fun for all.

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  • A stocked showroom with every model.
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  • Endless accessory options.

Electric Bike Categories We Carry

At Electric Bikes LA, we believe there's an electric bike for everyone. We stock a variety of makes and models at our showroom in a variety of different bike categories. Explore road, mountain, trail, commuter, comfort, cruiser, cargo, folding, and compact eBikes now and find the one right for you!


Road electric bikes are those optimized for pavement. Road eBikes are great for daily life and day-to-day functions, built for cruising around town and handling frequent commutes or trips. They're built with skinny tires, light frames, and a long battery life. With impressive lifespans, these multi-purpose models will suit you for years.

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For a model perfect for off-roading that puts performance first, look no further than an electric mountain bike. Electric mountain bikes are built with well-designed tires, capable braking systems, great shock absorption, and top-tier suspension for a smooth ride. These eBikes are good on fire trails, rocky roads, rugged terrain, and wherever else adventure takes you.

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Electric trail bikes are at the intersection of cross country and mountain bike models. These eBikes are made for all-terrain trips, long rocky trails, and the pavemented roads to and from your outdoor adventures. They have the power to conquer smaller obstacles and have impeccable handling, even during off-road trekking.

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Why commute in a car if you don't have to? Depending on your lifestyle and family size, commuter bikes' long battery range, quick start and stop abilities, and dynamic handling optimize them for your daily drive. They're especially comfortable, with ergonomic riding positions, upright posture for visibility, and lumbar support.

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Comfort eBikes make the riding experience better by building models that prioritize ergonomic comfort within the physical experience. These models have ideal seating, handlebar height, and frame features for all-day cruising. Their simple step-through frames and easy handling make them perfect for longer rides and touring.

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Electric cruisers are the ultimate leisure vehicle, built so you can spend time outside on a stylish model. Cruisers are perfect for beachside fun, semi-urban areas, bike-friendly towns, running errands, and long leisurely rides. Their laidback framework makes them ultra comfortable, and features like sizable fenders allow for blocking of any road or beach debris.

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Pets, kids, groceries, luggage; anything you need along for the ride, cargo electric bikes can handle. Precise and agile despite their size and carrying capacity, cargo eBikes offer front or back loading, attachments with seats, and extra durable features. Our range of cargo models from Urban Arrow, Riese & Muller, Yuba, and more are ready to become your car replacement.

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Folding eBikes break down from their normal size into portable models. They were built for ultimate practicality and offer all of the benefits of a full-size model without the same take-up of space. There's no additional maintenance despite their more convenient form, and ideal for being carried on public transport or stored in small spaces.

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Sleek, striking, and designed for the minimalist, compact eBikes are those with accommodating frame geometry, innovative design, and simple silhouettes. They're perfect for urban environments or longer distances, and tend to be versatile and shareable. Choose a compact model for a responsive ride, easy dismount, and integrated electric components.

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Electric Bike Brands We Carry

There are so many high-quality brands of electric bikes, and each has their own unique qualities that makes them well worth their investment. Our showroom has a variety of makes and models in stock, and we proudly boast the largest selection of eBikes in LA! Here are some of the brands we love.


Stromer eBikes are composed of Swiss technology, and these models are often referred to as Speed Pedelecs. Stromer believes in finding the quality in every mile, driven by perfection to create efficient, powerful, speedy electric bikes. Their high-quality, high-end components paired with low maintenance is what has allowed them to win so many design awards.

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Gazelle's brand once made normal bicycles, so their transition to electric bicycles was absolutely seamless. Their designs are especially comfortable and meant for long rides, inspired by the idea, "experience the joy of riding like the Dutch." You'll find their models to be stylish, safe, and easy to use.

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When it comes to selection, BULLS outranks them all. BULLS electric bikes come in nearly every single category imaginable. Created in Cologne Germany, this brand had a goal of building the best bicycles for customers — and so they have. Their most popular models are those in their EVO series.

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Pegasus is one of the top eBike providers, carrying urban, lifestyle, folding, city, and trekking options. Each of their bikes is built to be powerful, as seen in their high-performance motors, automatic braking systems, and high-quality parts. They're always running bikes by their quality control council, and continue to upgrade their models year after year.

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Blix was born as a brand that created electric bicycles envisioned to fit anyone. Their Swedish-style models have made them one of the fastest growing eBike brands, often featured in top magazines such as Forbes. All of their electric bikes embrace utility, durability, and style to the fullest.

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Brompton is a brand that has prioritized convenience. Their compact electric bikes are foldable and easy to carry, meaning they can have their battery separated and safely be stored at work or home. Despite this unique frame, Brompton eBikes are still incredibly comfortable, durable, and efficient.

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Have a need for speed, versatility, and adventure? Benno is your brand. Founder of Benno was a skate and snowboarder raised in Berlin, and he sought to design eBikes that balance that level of fun with practicality. Powered by Bosch Drive systems and the brand's signature "etility," Bennos offer incredible strength in urban settings.

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Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow, known for reinventing the cargo bike, has designed the right bike for any load you need to carry — whether kids or four-legged friends. They're built for those with busier commutes that involve stopping by school, the park, or the grocery store. These award-winning models are helpful, but have also never compromised safety in their designs.

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E Lux

E Lux's brand mission is to help get people back outside and having fun. They believe in always going the extra distance, providing "miles of smiles" with every model they make. These electric bikes are exclusively designed in Orange County, California, making them an ultimate beachside cruiser with luxury, speed, and comfort.

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Riese & Muller

Riese & Muller was founded in Germany where they were committed to redesigning and upgrading the folding bike model. They've now expanded their expertise to every type of eBike, combining ideas from around the world and building electric bikes with only trusted name-brand parts. Their high-performance qualities have since won them many awards.

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Designed for ease of use, Yuba bikes are phenomenal cargo eBike options for those new to electric cruising. These models are a fan-favorite of parents because of their adjustability, reliability, durability, and extra built-in safety features. Yuba's unique and conscientious models were designed in CA, making them sustainable and zero-emission as well.

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Del Sol

Del Sol has taken all the best parts of riding normal bicycles and extended them to eBikes with the motto "making molehills out of mountains." While their cruisers are most popular, Del Sol has many models for any need. They feature simple-use throttles, pedal-assistance, high-capacity batteries, reinforced forks, and efficient motors, all on a trendy frame.

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