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Brompton M6L

From $1,565

Among Brompton's most popular models is the M6L — called the “swiss army knife” of electric bikes. This versatile, 6-speed bike has M-type handlebars, fenders, mudguards, and a front carrier block. It's designed for commuting, travel, storage and your day-to-day riding trips, and fits nearly any person of any size.

Brompton S6L

From $1,565

Ready to save time and money on your commute? The sporty Brompton S6L eliminates barriers and is effortlessly taken anywhere. It's a fan-favorite among those with hilly commutes, and handles more aggressive hills with ease. This model features Bromptom's lightest S-type handlebars, six gears, and mudguards, with a size best suited for shorter riders.

Brompton H6L

From $1,565

Brompton's H6L is great on hills. It's recommended for taller riders due to its more ergonomic, upright seating position. The H6L comes with H-type handlebars, six gears, and mudguards, as well as a 6-speed shifter with two shifters. The ultimate all-around bike, you'll love taking it commuting or touring.