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eMotorbikes We Carry

Achieve instant torque and power when you twist the throttle on an electric motorcycle. eMotorbikes feature a lightweight design and long battery life, enhancing your commute. Zero-emission eMotorbikes allow you to worry less about the intricacies of maintenance and spend more time enjoying a smoother, quieter ride around the city.

Delfast Top 3.0

From $6,599

TOP 3.0 electric bike from Delfast is Delfast's bestseller and the model with incredibly high speed and the greatest power and range ever. TOP 3.0 has been recently updated and improved. The ebike speed remains 80km/h by default, and can reach up to 90km/h max.The new motor is capable of accelerating 3000W, withstanding its peak load of 6000W*, and can reach its maximum speed much faster than the previous version. This stable electric bike with its range is perfect for both country-side trips and city commuting.