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Road Electric Bike Brands We Carry

A lot of eBikes hit the road, but not all of them are designed for speed the way road-specific models are. Optimized for pavement, these bikes carry you through all of your day-to-day functions: grocery hauls, gym runs, work commutes, and leisurely rides. The electric road bike brands we carry — namely BULLS — give you an exceptional ride, every time.


In the game since 2010, BULLS has mastered the art of road bikes. They’re precise and have fully-integrated batteries for effortless electronic shifting. Built for speed, these bikes are designed to go as far and fast as you want, boosted by their state-of-the-art engines. Check out their Desert Falcon EVO, Alpine Hawk EVO, Grinder EVO, and more.

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Road Electric Bike Info

Anywhere you need to go is where your road electric bike is ready to take you. Their name says it all: they're meant for the road, or anywhere else you happen upon pavement. With tires on the skinny side and a light tread, these models are optimized for speed without ever losing sight of maximum performance. They feature longevity, both with respect to their long battery range and long yet low-maintenance lifespan. Ideal as a multi-purpose bike, a road electric bike is perfect for those with a fast-paced daily commute but still want something fun for weekend rides as well.