Electric Bikes LA is now e-RYDE. New Name. Same People. Now offering more than just eBikes.

Mountain Electric Bike Brands We Carry

SoCal offers endless adventures, and we at Electric Bikes LA know that getting outside is a must around here. To truly enjoy them, you need an electric mountain bike just as versatile. All of our models are approved for off-roading fun, allowing for a great outdoors experience fueled by performance-oriented motors.


BULLS' large line of Bikes includes a number of eMTBs, including the Monster, Copperhead EVO,Twenty9 EVO, and more. Each was designed with maximum-control geometry, high-speed handling, and unsurpassed shock absorption, with variants for both those who prefer more leisurely routes or the most aggressive trails. Comfort while climbing? Absolutely.

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Riese & Muller

Riese & Muller eMTBs are strong and sturdy, driven by Bosch systems for their motors, batteries, and smart displays. Their Superdelite mountain is especially great for long, off-road trips with a latest generation Performance Line CX motor. The Delite mountain features Schwalbe Hans Dampf tires, Fox Float full suspension, and a streamlined, sporty look.

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Electric Mountain Bike Info

There’s more to explore than just the areas paved by people, and we at Electric Bikes LA have found that the roads less traveled are always more fun. Electric mountain bikes make it simpler to enjoy the great outdoors, giving you that extra push over steep hills, rocky roads, and rugged terrain. They’re ideal for the “roads” you find outside: fire trails, mountain treks, and paths worn down only by other riders. Their stellar control comes from well-designed tires capable of handling dirt, rocks, gravel, sand, and roots. Inclines are no problem here, and obstacles — logs, drop offs, and spots known for washouts — are virtually invisible.