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Electric Trail Bike Brands We Carry

Trails are for trekking, and what better way to conquer today’s ride than with an electric trail bike. Trails have obstacles fewer and farther between than mountainous paths, but an electric trail bike still needs to be able to conquer everything in your path — and our models by BULLS and Riese & Muller will do just that.


BULLS' extraordinarily-large selection of electric bikes means they have one to fit any trail rider. We carry a range of models fit to trail fun, including BULLS' Copperhead, Monster eFatbike, and their EVO/EVA series mountain-esc bikes. With these, you'll find strength on inclines, speed when stopping, dual battery systems for all-day fun, and aggressive handling when needed.

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Riese & Muller

Riese & Muller has an unprecedented selection of models for trail riding, and their models with all-encompassing multi-terrain options are by far their most popular. Try their Delite for a versatile tide that handles forest trails best, or their Multicharger, great for small off-roading trips.

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Electric Trail Bike Info

Electrical trail bikes represent the precise combination of top features from cross country bikes mountainous models. Trail bike riders require rides that can brake more quickly and more precisely, due to the less rugged terrain they’re designed to encounter. These trail models are typically more versatile, suited to a larger range of outdoor environments, and carry a hefty battery life for all-day fun. They're built for off-roading and all-terrain trips, meaning you can take them through long, rocky trails, and not think twice about using them as transportation to and from your outdoor adventure as well.