Cruiser Electric Bike Brands We Carry

Spending some time oceanside, or just cruising around town, cruiser electric bikes are the most laid-back way to enjoy a day outside. The cruiser electric bike brands we carry are known for being stylish, comfortable, and easy to handle; see what E Lux and Blix have to offer!

E Lux

E Lux offers luxury, speed, and comfort in every bike, and their cruisers are no exception. Their Malibu model is beachy and fun, just as its name implies! With a comfortable upright position and stellar shocks, it's ideal for cruising. Don't let the cruise-classification mislead you though; this Class 3 eBike hits top speeds of 28 mph!

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Blix' popularity originates from their notoriety as a stylish and comfortable electric bike provider, no matter the distinct features nor frames on each different model. While all of Blix’ options are a joy to ride, the Blix Sol is most notable for its low step-thru frames, laid-back riding position, wide handlebars, large tires, and a padded saddle.

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Electric Cruiser Bike Info

Cruiser bikes are a classic, seen most regularly in beachside towns and warm semi-urban areas. For those in bike-friendly towns, cruisers are an ideal way to get outside. They're designed for any and all casual activities, including daily exercise, errand-running, and leisurely rides. Electric cruisers are certainly durable and often feature both tires capable of handling road debris as well as fenders to block sand kick-up, but they don't necessarily put speed first! These laid-back styles have a framework that makes riding easy on the body, and comfort always comes first for bikes like these — after all, you'll want to explore all day on it!