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Comfort Electric Bike Brands We Carry

Electric bike riding is enjoyable, exhilarating, and fun for all, but what’s the point of hitting the road if you’re not comfortable? Comfort electric bikes have specifically put the rider’s physical experience first, enhancing their electric bikes with seating, handlebar, and frame features — among others — that allow for adjustability and ergonomic positioning.


Gazelle is a brand striving to add accessibility to the world of riding, and comfort is part of that! Our in-stock Gazelle models always prioritize chassis with lightweight suspension and easy handling. Try their Arroyo for long-distance rides, the Easy Flow for changing handlebar positions, and the Ultimate for an upright posture position.

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BULLS' electric bikes are comfortable in the first place, but their models with elevated comfort take riding to the next level. Their Cross Mover Speed has lumbar support, and their Cross Lite hybrid bike sports a light aluminum frame for easy handling. Their Lacuba EVO comes with an especially comfortable saddle and upright frame geometry for ergonomic benefits.

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All of Pegasus' designs feature high-performance motors, Bosch automatic braking systems, and, of course, a comfortable fit. Pegasus' Premio is their number one comfort model, coming with all the aforementioned characteristics in addition to five different riding modes and an ergonomic design. Its simple steering delivers strong performance while maintaining ease of handling.

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Riese & Muller

Riese & Muller is always furthering innovative design, which has led to a long list of comfort-style electric bikes. Their Homage is a long-range, dual-battery bike for comfortable enjoyment riding. The Multicharger offers adventure comfort, the Nevo3 long-trip and outdoor outings comfort, and the Supercharger2 has endless comfort in general.

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Electric Comfort Bike Info

Comfort bikes are designed for wherever the world takes you during your day-to-day adventures. Built for everyday riding, comfort electric bikes fall somewhere between a cruiser and a trail bike. They're designed for longer rides and touring, and often have ergonomic features to ensure you're ready to go the extra mile. Classic comfort electric bikes have upright positioning and easy step-through frames for simple mounting and dismounting. Swept-back handlebars and lighter frames are common too. Despite these comfort-oriented features, comfort electric bikes continue to provide the best of all worlds by bringing notable power, speed, and handling to the table.