How to Ride an Electric Bike Safely

How to Ride an Electric Bike Safely

Purchasing an electric bike can be a ton of fun. Electric bikes make daily trips and travel far more enjoyable, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, embrace eco-friendly living, and skip out on high gas prices. There are some safety features and tips to keep in mind when riding though, and eBike riding is not free of dangers!

Tips For Riding Safely

Ready to ride? Not yet! Check out these top tips for hitting the road with your eBike.

Embrace Safety Equipment

Remember your parents always telling you to wear a helmet while you were riding your bicycle growing up? The same still applies here, and we’ll be the first to tell you: always wear a helmet! It can be life-saving if not just injury-preventing. Additionally, you’ll want to have reflective or hi-viz clothing for when you ride, especially if you’re a commuter using your bike in the early hours of the day or late at night as the sun sets.

Watch Out For Traffic

As an eBike rider, you’re now exposed to the same level of danger that normal bicyclists and even motorcyclists are familiar with. eBikes can reach up to 20 miles per hour. The danger in this is two-fold. For one, drivers may not expect your eBike to be able to reach that speed, over or underestimating the amount of time necessary to perform operations that keep both of you safe. Secondly, drivers may not assume your bike is electric at all, which can lead to a potentially disastrous situation if your speed and handling capabilities are entirely misunderstood.

Stay Seen

Following a similar thought pattern, staying seen is part of riding an eBike. Drivers on the road may not instinctively look out for riders, especially those going 20 miles per hour on a more congested road. Luckily, many models — especially cargo, commuter, and comfort — come with included or addable safety features that improve the visibility of riders. These include things such as lights, bells, and reflective materials. Don’t hesitate to add additional safety features to your vehicle if you live in a busy area or simply believe you may need them.

Understand Your Controls

New eBike riders especially make the common mistake of pushing their bikes to the limit before understanding them. When you’re still adjusting to your new vehicle, get familiar with the controls, power, and stopping ability of your particular model in safer, slower settings. It may be tempting to see just what your bike can handle, but without muscle memory and full understanding of the bike’s maneuvering, you may end up in an accident. Similarly, allow extra time for slowing and stopping at stop signs and various other road crossings. Your bike is far more powerful than a normal bicycle — and it should be treated as such!

Be Wary of Weight

One thing new riders often underestimate is the weight of eBikes. It’s not the weight itself that’s an issue — eBikes aren’t particularly heavy. However, the slight gain in weight makes an eBike easier to drop than a normal bicycle. This comes into play when braking and stopping, as the fast-moving weight takes more time to stop. Additionally, you’ll want to be careful when mounting or dismounting. It can be especially easy to knock the frame if you have mobility issues, so be sure to pick a light, step-through frame if you’re worried about getting on and off safely.

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