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BULLS has been in the eBike market since 2010, mainly in the continental Europe. Since the early stages, partnering in the development and production of eBike systems with top premium suppliers, gave BULLS a key advantage in developing the most innovative systems, far ahead of the competition.

e-MTB Full Suspension
Bulls eMTB Bikes

Mountain bikes are typically ridden on mountain trails, fire roads, logging roads, and other unpaved environments. These types of terrain commonly include rocks, washouts, ruts, loose sand, loose gravel, roots, and steep grades (both inclines and declines). Mountain bikes are built to handle this terrain and the obstacles that are found in it like logs, vertical drop offs, and smaller boulders. There are two type of mountain bikes: Hardtail, which do not have a rear suspension; and full-suspension ones, which have front and rear suspensions.

Bulls E-City Trekking Bikes

Our ebikes help you go wherever you need to go faster and with less effort than a regular bike. Depending on how you choose to ride, you can travel at an average speed of 20mph without significant effort.

Bulls eRoad Bikes

eRoad bikes are speed machines – bicycles designed to take you as far and as fast as your legs can manage with an extra e-help. The road bike gets its name from the terrain it is designed to be used on; pavement. eRoad bikes are optimized for riding on smooth pavement. It usually has skinny tires with a very light tread.

e-MTB Hardtail
Bulls eMTB Hardtail Bikes

Say goodbye to those sweaty, brutal climbs! You can now enjoy a bit of climbing with an extra nudge of power that saves your legs and keeps you from sweating through your shirt!

Bulls eSpeed Bikes

In this section you can find the right Class-3 (assist up to 28 mph) speed ebike specifically built for your needs.

It may seem somewhat counter-intuitive. But because you can go faster than on a Class-1 ebike, these ebikes will give you an edge when sharing the roads with other vehicles. Our speed ebikes are the ultimate alternative to an automobile.

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