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Vintage Electric Bikes We Carry

Love electric bikes, but miss the classic design of old school bikes and motorcycles? Look no further than Vintage's electric bikes. We carry their Tracker, Roadster, Scrambler, and Shelby models, each built for speed. They out-perform other similar eBikes through their massively-powerful lithium-ion batteries and direct drive rear hub motors.



Meet the Tracker, an electric bike that channels the human spirit's need and relentless pursuit of speed. This eBike hits a max speed of 36 mph at a 25–50-mile range, with a low 3-hour charge time. It has a 720Wh battery, silent rear hub motor, five power modes, and incredibly intuitive controls.



The Roadster is Vintage's retro take on eBikes. The elegant design has forgotten no details. Hopping on the Roadster will allow you to enjoy the power of a 1123Wh battery, full-throttled power, and max speed of 36 mph with a 40–75-mile range. It also features smoothing front suspension, a whisper-quiet motor, and a hydro-formed aluminum frame.



If you're ready to explore, the Scrambler is your friend. With a 1123Wh lithium battery, 3000W drivetrain, rugged suspension forks, and Schwalbe knobbies wheels, it's ready for off-roading any time. Reach max speeds of 36 mph with a 40–75-mile range, and enjoy incredible handling via its five power modes and regenerative hydraulic disc brakes.



A nod to American automotive designer Carroll Shelby, the Shelby was designed to prioritize speed, grit, and high-performance. It's Vitange's most powerful bike yet, and hits 36 mph at a 40–75-mile range and 4.5-hour charge time. It features Vintage's 1123Wh battery, stabilizing front suspension, and a straightforward interface with extreme detail and retro-chic attributes.

Vintage Electric Bikes Info

Vintage was founded in 2013 in Santa Clara, California. Through innovation, Vintage has found themselves at the intersection of timeless aesthetics and futuristic modernity. Their retro-inspired designs are combined with electric vehicle technology to create mobile works of art, and they inspire riders to find a new means to power every day. It's through this passion for exciting, fast, fun, and revolutionary transportation that Vintage has created an authentic customer experience. Each bike is specially engineered for longevity, and hand-selected parts specifically generate the ride of your life while being built to last for generations.