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Riese & Muller Electric Bikes We Carry

Founded in Germany by two engineering students in 1993, Riese & Muller is a fan-favorite brand — hence our large selection of iconic models. Riese & Muller started by redesigning the era's folding bikes, and now further innovative different models to suit any type of modern rider.



The Riese & Muller Superdelite is a mountain bike designed with the power and comfort necessary for long rides. Its state-of-the-art safety and control technology provide a reliable ride that you can confidently take into the hills. It comes equipped with a large battery capacity of 1,125Wh and a Bosch Performance Line CX motor.



Great as a first-time bike, the Delite model is an extremely versatile electric bike that handles long trips, daily commutes, forest trails, and steep hills equally well. It comes with Riese & Muller's signature control technology, a Bosch Performance motor, 625Wh of battery power, and an integrated cockpit. Safe yet sporty, there's nowhere you won't go.



The Riese & Muller Homage is an urban bike with a sleek design, striking lines, and fully-integrated battery motor. It features full suspension for high riding comfort and top-of-the-line safety. The DualBattery option has a range of up to 100 miles or more, and is ideal for any town, country, or enjoyment riding.



The Load 60 and Load 75 Riese & Muller models are cargo-carrying. They have a low center of gravity for high-control, quick stops, and fast acceleration — no matter what you’ve got on board. With a Bosch Performance CX motor and high-grade components, this bike combines agile riding dynamics and load options like no other eCargo bike.



This eBike comes in two forms: the Packster 70 and Packster 40. These are family eBikes with a front-load cargo bin that can transport three kids, or bring home a week’s worth of groceries. Safety was put first in these models, and the Packster is known for its ease of handling, safe riding, and low environmental impact.



The Multicharger is an everyday adventure bike that's also perfect for small trips off-roading and camping. It handles with all of the agility of a typical eBike, but with far more safety features. Both the original and the Mixte version feature a comfortable step-through frame, back cargo loading base, and integrated cockpit with all the essentials.



The Roadster comes in its original form as well as a Mixte model, which has a lowered top tube for easy step-through capability and convenience in fast-paced environments. The Roadster is light, sporty, and has a linear design with effortless control. These urban bikes are optimized for agility and handling, and they'll get you to your destination fast!



The Nevo3 is a sporty and comfortable model featuring a unique and unforgettable design with distinct geometry and timeless modernity. Pleasant handling is driven by the optional Dual Battery of 1,125Wh, ideal for long trips and outings. Highly adaptable and safe, the Nevo3 supports a customizable cockpit, cargo add-ons, and safety equipment.



The Charger3 comes in its original and Mixte model with a lowered top tube. The dynamic chassis of this model incorporates sporty geometry, and the bike has daylight-bright lighting and continuous light for any weather conditions. The Charger3 is great for those looking to go beyond an everyday commuter without reaching into mountain or trail bike territory.



For those long rides, Riese & Muller's Supercharger2 is the best. The Supercharger2 is incredibly powerful and has 1,250Wh of full-integrated battery power as well as a Bosch Performance Line motor. You won't need to stop for charging breaks either — which is great seeing that this bike is comfortable enough to never want to get off.



Riese & Muller's Tinker is a classic commuter eBike that is well-equipped to handle the day-to-day challenges of a city. Their stable riding gives a similar feel as a bicycle, and they're ultra adjustable. The compact frame allows for transportability, and as a lighter model, it can be carried and stowed away when needed.

Riese & Muller Electric Bikes Info

Riese & Muller is an electric bike brand known for putting performance first, every time. Their bikes are designed with ideas from around the world, from Japan to Europe and all the way to the USA. Each model is made with top-tier components from trusted name brands, and they're constantly improving and updating year after year. Plus, with so many customizable features, you're guaranteed to find a Riese & Muller that truly fits you. We aren't the only ones who love this brand either; they win multiple awards every year, with 2020 giving them the Design & Innovation Award for two separate models!