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Onewheel Electric Skateboards We Carry

The future of motion is here, and Onewheel's electric skateboards have captured it. Designed for your everyday journeys and adventures, their customizable models give you unlimited freedom when cruising across campus, to the store, or around town. No remote necessary, simply lean to go and enjoy your ride.



Onewheel's Pint model is their pocket-sized, awesome ride. These models are small, light, and nimble, standing at just 27" long. They hit the sweet spot between price, performance, and practicality, and even feature a convenient handle for ease of carrying. Reach a top speed of 16 mph on the board's 6–8 mile range.



The XR is Onewheel's bigger model. It's built for grand adventures, and is designed to be epic, rugged, and powerful. Don't feel limited to simple roads; this board handles off-road terrain and steep hills with ease. It boasts Onewheel's lean-to-go tech, uses a premiere braking system, and hits a top speed of 19 mph with a 12–18 mile range.

Onewheel Electric Skateboards Info

Founder Kyle Doerksen spent eight years tinkering with electric skateboard prototypes, landing on the signature Onewheel model by the end of 2013. Designed to bring riders "pure-joy moments," these no-remote skateboards feature all the bells and whistles. You'll find them easy to mount and dismount due to their Simplestop technology and the top-tier braking (for stopping on a dime). They have 750W Hypercore brushless motors and a fast recharge time with their optional Ultracharger addition. Innovative development has led to multi-terrain speed and a max lean angle of over 30 degrees. Plus, they're fully customizable, from top to bottom!