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Gazelle Electric Bikes We Carry

Gazelle is a brand that was making normal bikes long before electric ones. Having mastered those models, they moved to electronically-powered bikes with the goal of adding accessibility to the world of riding. Today, their eBike models we carry are especially comfortable and meant for those long rides on the open road.



Urban Arrow's Arroyo is ideal for day trips and long distance rides. The extra-powerful Bosch motor is not only silent, but mid-mounted for easy handling. There's lightweight suspension in the front fork and seat post for comfort, and the wide tires only enhance these features. Experience effortless assistance on both flat and hilly terrain with an Arroyo.

Easy Flow


Following a similar design to Urban Arrow's Arroyo, the Easy Flow ("Avenue") is an even more spacious and light model. It features a great range powered by a 504Wh battery at 45–80 miles. A simple level changes handlebar positions to completely alter the ride and style, and it's definitely best for commutes.



The Gazelle Ultimate is a stand-out model made with a reliable motor — one from the Bosch Active Line Plus — that features 50Nm of torque and an integrated battery. The frame's unique shape lends itself to extra stability and rigidity, perfect for easy handling. The low center of gravity and upright posture make it an absolute joy to ride.



Sleek, urban, and simple, the Urban Arrow Medeo is a notably comfortable model designed for longer rides. Embark on your daily commute or a recreational trip with this bike's Bosch Performance Line Speed motor, front fork suspension, extra-wide tires, and dual battery. While power-saving, this bike still hits max speeds of 28 mph.

Gazelle Electric Bikes Info

Gazelle was founded in 1892 — long before electric bikes — as a bicycle brand and provider. They've dedicated the past century to improving how bikes function, adding accessibility and ease of riding. Gazelle models are stylish, safe, and comfortable, built for both your daily life and the long haul. They feature high-capacity batteries for long rides, mid-mounted motors for smooth commutes, and performance guaranteed to last. Often urban, Gazelles are especially comfortable when it comes to everyday riding. They say everyone should experience the joy of riding like the Dutch, and honestly, we agree.