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Evolve Electric Skateboards We Carry

Australia is known for its wild adventures and outdoor fun — two things Evolve electric skateboards capture with ease. We carry models like their Stoke as well as multiple models from the Bamboo GTR and Carbon GTR Series. Embrace these top-shelf premium skateboards, and see how you can experience the endless wave lifestyle.



Evolve's Stoke model is a surf-inspired swallow tail cruiser. While small in size (and their most portable option), the Stoke is big in power and referred to as a "pocket rocket." Its 10-mile range is great for everyday errands, cruising campus, or just casually carving. It features an eco-friendly bamboo/fiberglass board, and Evolve's dual 1500W motors.

Bamboo GTR Series


The Bamboo GTR series has three models: the All Terrain, Street, and 2in1 — all with 3-ply bamboo and 2-ply fiberglass decks. Inspired by classic muscle cars, the Bamboo series spotlights old-school craftsmanship brought to life with the latest technology. Experience a max 31-mile range at up to 24 mph via a dual 1500W motor and 14AH battery.

Carbon GTR Series


The Carbon GTR Series' three models include the All Terrain, Street, and 2in1 models. Each board is hand-made with a carbon fiber deck, making this series the epitome of sophistication. It hits up to 24 mph with a max 31-mile range using a dual 1500W brushless motor and 14AH Samsung lithium-ion battery.

Evolve Electric Skateboards Info

Evolve's brand of electric skateboards was concepted and created on the Gold Coast, Australia. The brand sought to find the link between snowboarding, surfing, and carving on land. After 10 years of endless innovation, their models have successfully turned any road or path into the endless wave of your dreams. Each board is the highest-level of build quality, performance, and on-demand fun expected of electric skateboards. Aesthetically refined, Evolves have a longboard design with personalizable touches. You can find them in over 40 countries, having won more than 15 awards, and always striving towards evolving even more.