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BULLS Electric Bikes We Carry

BULLS has an extraordinary selection of electric bikes to fit any rider, and we at Electric Bikes LA have made it a point to carry as many as possible! From fat bikes to MTBs, you'll find top models from BULLS such as the Monster, Grinder EVO, Twenty4, and more here.

Wild Flow EVO RS


BULLS' Wild Flow EVO RS looks simple, but don't let it fool you: it can ride like a conventional mountain bike at speeds over 20 mph. It's one of BULLS lightest models, and its incredible riding stability and excellent control make it great for cross country endeavors and hitting the trails.

E-Stream EVO


BULLS' E-Stream EVO is part of their mountain series, and a model that provides exceptional endurance and incredible suspension. It has the new Brose Drive S Mag motor: smaller and lighter than previous models, but with more power and torque. Fueled by a BULLS Supercore battery, the E-Stream boasts a range of over 150 miles.

Adventure EVO


The purpose is in the name; this BULLS model is built for adventure. It has a dual-battery system, top tube-mounted powerpack, and 625Wh Bosch Powertube in the down tube. The Adventure also has great front and rear shocks plus 4-piston hydraulic brakes, making it perfect for hilly terrain.

Aminga EVA TR


Tough, powerful, gritty, smooth, and reliable — all words that describe this female-specific BULLS model. Designed for cross country and trail mountain bikes, the Aminga's Bosch Gen4 CX motor, BULLS Lytro 24 air shocks, and hydraulic disc brakes make it capable of handling any rollers, drops, and terrain.

Copperhead EVO


The Copperhead EVO comes in a few sub-models, and each of them gives their rider a superhuman feeling. This BULLS mountain bike has a Bosch Gen4 CX Motor, 625 Wh Powertube, BULLS Lytro 24 front fork, and 4-piston hydraulic brakes. It's great for steep inclines and fast stopping out on the trails.



If you're looking for the power and torque to climb mountains and high trails, look no further than the BULLS E-Core. Boosted with great rear suspension, a Shimano motor, and two 375Wh power packs, this eBike hits 20 mph and has nearly dirt bike-level stopping power — plus an incredible fast electronic shifting system.



Electric bikes are for all ages, and the Twenty4 model is proof. This hardtail eMTB is a youth model, with introductory strength and strong hydraulic disc brakes for learning the ropes. Allow them to learn the hills alongside you with the Twenty4's Bosch Active Line Plus 250W battery and comfortable STYX saddle and seat post.



BULLS Twenty9 is a model built for long touring and off-road trips. The bike's PowerTube 500Wh integrated battery by Bosch allows for maximum endurance and performance, and its built-in Performance Line CX motor and strong powertrain gives it optimum weight distribution. It has the best characteristics for challenging terrain, all on a frame with an ideal strength-to weight-ratio.

Desert Falcon EVO


BULLS' Desert Falcon EVO has an especially clean and sleek look. This bike comes equipped with a Bosch Gen4 Performance Speed drive unit, fully-integrated PowerTube 500Wh battery, and the new Shimano GRX - Di2 electronic shifting. Take it up to speeds of 28 mph, and still experience incredibly quick maneuvering and precise movement.

Alpine Hawk EVO


The Alpine Hawk EVO is one of the lightest electric bikes, built with a carbon fiber frame. It includes premium hydraulic disc brakes, FAZUA integrated system, and automatic decoupling features at max speed. This sporty model with a comfortable ride is a great road bike with a pleasant touring speed, especially well-performing on climbs and curves.

Grinder EVO


BULLS' Grinder EVO seems to do it all. Use this electric bike for cross country rides, urban city traversing, and on long commutes. It embodies true mobility with its clean silhouette's internal cable routing, gravel bike geometry, and drop bars. Reach up to 28 mph on this Class 3 bike with a Bosch Performance Speed motor and Bosch 500Wh Powertube.

Iconic EVO


When BULLS created the Iconic EVO, they did so to represent the future of eBikes. The Iconic EVO brings cross country ability to the streets, and gives you ultimate power on commutes and errands. With hydraulic disc brakes, a powerful new Bosch motor, and 28 mph max speed, you'll experience a true electric bike every single day.

Lacuba EVO


BULLS' Lacuba EVO comes in multiple models, each with a sleek design, comfortable saddle, and upright frame geometry for ergonomic benefit. Take this bike touring on pavement, trekking on gravel, or otherwise. With 650Wh, 36V power packs, Shimano hydraulic discs, and a long range of up to 120 miles, anything is possible on a Lacuba.

Cross Lite


The Cross Lite is BULLS' take on a sleek and simple model. This excellent hybrid handles on and off-road equally well. The lightweight 7005 aluminum frameset provides an athletic but relaxed position, and the 500Wh Bosch PowerTube offers over 134 miles of pedal-assisted riding for a faster commute or effortless trail run.

Urban EVO


The Urban EVO is an ultra-efficient Class 3 eBike with a Bosch Performance Speed motor and BULLS' longest-lasting 500Wh battery. It reaches up to 28 mph, and is often used for commuting and city riding while still performing on tough terrain and steep hills. This model has tapered steering for stability and control, and offers fenders, lights, and a rack.

Sentinel 2.0


BULLS' notable Sentinel model is the speed pedelec of the LAPD eBike fleet, featuring an easy mounting and dismounting frame design and Schwalbe Super Moto tires for puncture protection. It reaches an assisted 28 mph using its Class-3 Bosch Performance Speed motor, and offers heavy-duty suspension and supreme handling via Magura hydraulic rotor discs specific to emergency braking.

Bulls Electric Bikes Info

BULLS was created in Cologne, Germany decades ago, but their electric bike models still stay true to their 1994 values: building the best bicycles for customers. As if the list of models above doesn’t say enough, BULLS is truly known for their wide range of bikes, offering designs for quite literally any person, any ride, and any lifestyle. Dedicated to making fast transportation fun, BULLS has effectively encouraged freedom and confidence in the saddle and on the road. No matter the BULLS bike you choose, you can rest assured that it comes with powerful hand-picked components built to last.