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Brompton Electric Bikes We Carry

Brompton bikes have prioritized convenience! These electric models are compact, foldable, and easy to carry. They've crafted frames that are comfortable, durable, and can be taken inside anywhere. We happily keep Brompton's M6L, S6L, H6L, Electric M6, and Electric H6 models in stock at our store.



Among Brompton's most popular models is the M6L — called the “swiss army knife” of electric bikes. This versatile, 6-speed bike has M-type handlebars, fenders, mudguards, and a front carrier block. It's designed for commuting, travel, storage and your day-to-day riding trips, and fits nearly any person of any size.



Ready to save time and money on your commute? The sporty Brompton S6L eliminates barriers and is effortlessly taken anywhere. It's a fan-favorite among those with hilly commutes, and handles more aggressive hills with ease. This model features Bromptom's lightest S-type handlebars, six gears, and mudguards, with a size best suited for shorter riders.



Brompton's H6L is great on hills. It's recommended for taller riders due to its more ergonomic, upright seating position. The H6L comes with H-type handlebars, six gears, and mudguards, as well as a 6-speed shifter with two shifters. The ultimate all-around bike, you'll love taking it commuting or touring.

Electric M6L


The Electric M6 by Brompton comes in many versions, including L and R. Its aesthetic features include M-type handlebars, a classic shape, fenders, and Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires all on a semi-upright frame. The Electric M6 is good for long rides as well as challenging inclines, making it perfect for touring or commuting.

Electric H6L


Brompton's Electric H6 comes with H-type handlebars, six gears, mudguards, and their most upright riding position. The Pentaclip gives 4 inches of fore and aft adjustability at the saddle, making it capable of fitting a wide range of riders. Its simple, sleek, and unique design makes the ultimate all-arounder.

Brompton Electric Bikes Info

Brompton electric bikes are those that embody convenience to the fullest. Brompton bikes fold into compact packages so they can be safely stored at home, work, or wherever their electric models take you. They're easy to carry, with a battery that separates from the bike itself to make both components even lighter for travel. Bromptons are portable and accepted on trains, trams, and metros. Each model comes equipped with a solid battery that provides a 15-mph steady speed and a range of 25 to 50 miles depending on rider, weather conditions, and the bikes' signature smart sensor technology.