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Bluejay Electric Bikes We Carry

For eBike made elevated, there's Bluejay electric bikes. We carry their signature Premiere model in blue, green, coral, black, and white so you can pick the timelessly-cool color that matches your personal style. These Class 1 eBikes are notably comfortable, technologically advanced, and easy to use.

Premiere Edition - Blue


Bluejay's Premiere model in blue is made with a lightweight and sturdy Button Alloy aluminum frame with an internal headset. With wide handlebars, ergonomic grips, and a comfort saddle, these eBikes offer enhanced stability. For max user-friendliness, the Premiere also has a high-tech control panel with USB charging port, speedometer, miles traveled, and battery percentage display.

Premiere Edition - Mint


Bluejay's mint green Premiere model is a modern take on a classic cruiser. Vintage front lights, rear lights, and bell are all included. The frame includes a front and rear rack, capable of carrying a total of 80 pounds or a children's seat. The best-in-class technology makes it a breeze to ride and handle, even uphill.

Premiere Edition - Coral


Bluejay's Premiere model in limited-edition sun-kissed coral is a summertime must-have. This bike comes with two sizes, giving every rider the perfect fit via an adjustable saddle and moveable handlebar stem. Best of all, the bike fits Bluejay's extensive line of accessories and features two racks — front and rear — for ultimate convenience.

Premiere Edition - Black


Bluejay's black Premiere model offers more than just aesthetics, and is fully-equipped with best-in-class technology. The aluminum frame is lightweight but sturdy, and holds a Shimano Alfine 8 internal gear hub, Bafang 350W mid-drive torque sensor, and a 11.6AH battery with 75-mile battery life. It's power and stability no matter where your ride takes you.

Premiere Edition - White


When you're ready to conquer hills and commutes equally, Bluejay's Premiere model in white should be your go-to. This reliable option has a Samsung 48V 11.6AH battery with simple docking and charging ability, plus Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for quick, powerful stopping power. It's light, powerful, comfortable, and designed to be timeless.

Bluejay Electric Bikes Info

The original bicycle design is loved by Bluejay, but that hasn't stopped them from reinventing the wheel. Their models are electric bikes that resemble their manual forefathers, paying homage to the timeless bicycle classics. Their go-to catchphrase is, "Kind to the planet, good for the soul" — which the bikes' eco-friendly features and incredible ride experience live up to. Bluejay's design is centered around the point where power meets style, and there were no compromises made in inventing this design. Their powerful motors and long-lasting batteries allow for endless cruising, while their bikes' beauty, safety, and comfortability remind riders what freedom feels like.