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Blix Electric Bikes We Carry

Blix is a well-renowned electric bike brand that combines the best of every feature category and creates bikes envisioned to fit anyone. They offer many models with distinct features and frames, all while keeping the utility and durability they’re known for. As some of the most stylish and comfortable bikes around, it's no wonder we have so many in stock!



Blix' Aveny is a stylish, fun electric city bike meant for urban commutes on city streets and leisurely rides around your neighborhood. Each Aveny model is fully-equipped with must-haves like fenders, lights, and a rear rack with smart mounting points. It combines a classic design, great performance, practical features, and impressive durability.



The Blix Sol is one you'll want to bring out into the sun. This model is a true beach cruiser style, and it's incredibly easy and fun to ride. It features one of the lowest step-through frames, a laid-back riding position, wide handlebars, large tires, and a comfortable saddle.



The Vika is Blix' folding bike model. It's perfect for those with more complex commutes, and fits on busses, trains, subways, and more with ease. Vika is a high-performance model, and has electric assist technology so you never break a sweat. Its convenient, smart mounting points also give it impressive load-bearing capabilities.



The Packa by Blix is an electric cargo bike. This model is a unique combination of style, performance, utility, and ideal sizing. It fits and handles well with nearly any rider, and comes with dual batteries, two USB ports, and room for up to two children's seats (plus room for packing!).

Blix Electric Bikes Info

Blix electric bikes are an extremely affordable option that seems to hit the mark for a variety of features each and every time no matter the model. Founded by Sweden native, these electric bikes are inspired by the bikes over 1/3rd of the Swedish population uses daily. Blix believes in having accessible healthy and active lifestyles, and their bikes' combination of style, performance, and utility is making it easier. Blix is one of the fastest-growing eBike brands in the USA, and they've been featured in a number of magazines, like Forbes and TechCrunch.