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BESV Electric Bikes We Carry

Beautiful, Eco-Friendly, Smarter, and Vision. Together, these three principles form a Vision for everything BESV does. Together, they create the name—BESV. And together, these principles have guided the development of BESV pedal-assisted electric bicycles.


Starting at $1,699

The BESV CF1 is a stylish, functional bike that is great for the occasional cruiser or avid commuter. The lack of screen and bright front headlight of the CF1 provide a safe and enjoyable ride for all riders. It's low step profile makes it easy to get on and off and it's mininmalist design featuring multiple color schemes fit any rider's style! It's also available in a smaller kids size!


Starting at $2,499

The BESV PSF1 understands the modern bike rider's thirst for space and freedom. While maintaining BESV's well-known stylish design, the PSF1 adds a folding feature that greatly increases convenience and functionality. Its unique integrated frame makes the PSF1 rigid as well as stylish. The LCD color display and BESV App provides smart mobility and the removable battery adds convenience. The PSF1 unfolds to bring you an amazing riding experience!


Starting at $4,499

The BESV TRS2 AM features an integrated powertube design that perfectly fits the streamlined frame and keeps a professional MTB outline for swift performance. The substantial 504Wh battery power allows riders to enjoy long rides with confidence. The Shimano STEPS system delivers stable, strong and intuitive power assistance. With the TRS2 AM, you can enjoy city or trail rides wherever the road takes you.