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Benno Electric Bikes We Carry

At e-RYDE, we stock Benno's Boost, eJoy, eScout, and Remidemi. Each and every model is built by Benno to achieve speed, versatility, and adventure. They're powered by Bosch Drive Systems for ultimate strength in urban settings. No matter your height nor weight, these models fit a range of riders and provide the perfect ride.


Benno's Boost is an award-winning model ready for adventure. Its rigid aluminum frame is strong, sturdy, and compact — yet light. The upright riding position presents enhanced ergonomics, and the interchangeable rack and rail systems allow for multiple eBike configurations. It's the top choice of adventurists, bike couriers, and everyday suburban explorers.


Fashionable and fun, eJoy models were inspired by vintage Italian scooters and classic German cars. They have a timeless vehicle design that's equal parts charming and capable. The oversized rear rack and optional frame-mounted front tray for high load capacity. It's upright and powerful, built to have extra control whether cruising or running errands.


eScout is Benno's ultimate commuter bike, capable of carrying substantial loads. It's fast and nimble, but built on a strong and rigid frame for better longevity. The design is road-bike inspired, and features extra-large, 27.5" tires; lower, narrower handlebars; and a sporty riding position ideal for navigating dynamic environments.


Benno's Remidemi is a totally new design that sheds the outdated views of how electrical bikes are typically constructed. Its fun aesthetic is sturdy and stable, offering iconic and innovative lines in its pragmatic frame design. This everyday model has a timeless yet fresh look, and is easily customizable through accessories — including even children's seats!

Benno Electric Bikes Info

Benno is actually more than a company; it's a person! Benno was a skate and snowboard pioneer born and raised in Berlin. He eventually moved to SoCal, and with a strong need for a better bike than those on the market, created Benno Bikes in 2015. This brand of bikes truly understands the power — literal and metaphorical — that electric vehicles have on everyday transportation choices. Their models offer far more than durability, and have found the balance between fun and practical. Their signature word is etility: the place where agility meets utility when it comes to design.