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Yuba Flip Flop Child Bike

Yuba Flip Flop Child Cargo Bike

Youngsters Will Flip Out for this Little Cargo Bike!
    • Description


      Yuba Flip Flop

      Youngsters Will Flip Out for this Little Cargo Bike!

      Yuba Bicycles, the leading maker of cargo bikes for adults, introduces the Flip Flop, the world’s first kids' cargo bike and balance trainer. Designed for children ages 1 1/2 to 6, the Flip Flop teaches youngsters how to ride a bike without clumsy training wheels, allowing them to scoot along with their feet securely on the ground.

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      The Flip Flop is unlike any other balance bike due to two unique features:

      1. 1. It has a rack, like a big kid’s bike.
      2. 2. Our patented "flippable" frame grows along with your child. Simply flip over the frame and flop the position of the bars, rack, seat and front wheel to lengthen the Flip Flop—adding an inch and extending its use for up to a year.

      It's flippin' incredible!

    • Flip Flop Features:

      • Patented “Flippable” frame for longer use.
      • Available in three high-visibility colors; Lime, Raspberry, and Aqua.
      • Ages 1 1/2- 6 years old.
      • Aluminium
      • Weight, 7lbs
      • Min Standover height, 11in

      “We created the Flip Flop because Yuba is a family brand and most of our customers are parents who want to ride with their children. With the Flip Flop, we now have a bike for everyone in the family, from young kids experiencing the joy of cycling for the first time to moms and dads seeking a fun and healthy way to get around,” said Ben Sarrazin, founder of Yuba Bicycles.

      The Flip Flop is a safe, affordable and fun way for parents to give their children the gift of cycling, while also introducing them to the cargo bike lifestyle. Thanks to the cargo rack and optional accessories including a front basket and rear carry bags, little boys and girls can carry their own stuff just like mommy and daddy. Youngsters will flip out when they see the Flip Flop. Learning to ride has never been so fun.



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