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Blix Vika+ Electric Bike
Blix Vika+ Electric Bike
Blix Vika+ Electric Bike
Blix Vika+ Electric Bike
Blix Vika+ Electric Bike
Blix Vika+ Electric Bike
Blix Vika+ Electric Bike

Blix Vika+ Folding Electric Bike

Built with a truly unique combination of timeless design, incredible performance and unmatched versatility. Fold for easy storage, or transform your Vika+ to a compact utility bike with the Blix modular racking system.
    • Blix Vika+ Electric Bike

      Vika+: Utility-friendly Electric Folding Bike

      Built with a truly unique combination of timeless design, incredible performance and unmatched versatility. Fold for easy storage, or transform your Vika+ to a compact utility bike with the Blix modular racking system. We love this ebike.

      Meet the Vika+

      As one of the most sold electric folding bikes on the market, we designed the Vika+ for a large variety of riders and usage, blending elegant design, attention to details and incredibly practical features.

      See a full review in the video by

      2019 Blix Vika+ Review - $1.7k Elegant, Approachable, Folding Ebike
      2019 Blix Vika+ Review - $1.7k Elegant, Approachable, Folding Ebike
      • 4'10" - 6'2": Fits a wide range of riders
      • Modular Racks: Customize your Blix with accessories
      • LED lights: Integrated front and rear brake light
      • Disc Brakes: Powerful Braking
      • Puncture resistant tires: with Kevlar technology
      • Up to 45 Miles: Range per Charge
      • 48V / 14Ah: Battery Capacity
      • 500 Watt: Motor Power

      Uncompromising Design

      The magic happens in the details. We build every Blix bike with an obsessively high level of attention to details, allowing us to create a utility-friendly ebike with high-performance components for any riding conditions, without sacrificing a visually compelling design.

    • Features

      Blix Vika+

      Folding Frame

      The Vika+ frame smartly folds in half to let you bring it with you wherever you go, and easily store it wherever you are. Folds into 36x21x28.5 inches. Smart tip: Add a durable Blix Bag to your Vika+ for extra protection.


      Blix Vika+

      Easy to Ride

      We designed the Vika+ to be the most user-friendly folding ebike on the market. That means a low frame design with just a 21" step-over height, a low point of gravity with the smart battery placement, and a robust frame for stable riding.


      Blix Vika+

      Fully Equipped

      The Vika+ comes with included color matched aluminum fenders, a rear rack with smart mounting points for accessories, and front and rear LED lights with a brake indicator.


      Blix Vika+

      Smart Mounting Points

      With the custom designed Blix modular racking system, you have the option to customize your Vika+ for your needs. Smart mounting points in the front and rear let you add Blix racks, baskets and bags to bring everything you need.


      Blix Vika+

      Powerful Motor

      Powerful performance is a key feature for all Blix ebikes. The Vika+ is designed with a powerful 500w hub-motor to make it easy to climb steep hills and carry weight up to 270lbs!


      Blix Vika+

      High-Capacity Battery

      One of the most important parts of any ebike is the battery. Located under the seat, it provides a low center of gravity and is optimized for riding stability. The Vika+ features a 48V/14Ah Samsung battery for high power and a range of up to 45 miles per charge.


      Blix Vika+


      Use the throttle to ride without pedaling at all. One of the main advantages with the throttle is to easily get up to speed again after all those red lights and stop signs! Problem solved.


      Blix Vika+

      7-speed Gear Shifter

      Easily shift gears with a twist of your right hand, allowing you to control your ride by shifting into the lowest gears on steep hills and into the highest gear to pedal in high speeds.


      Blix Vika+

      Power Auto Cut-off

      Ride knowing that you're protected from any unwanted motion forward when your brakes are engaged, as the battery power is automatically cut-off when brake levers are pressed.


      Blix Vika+


      Reliable mechanical disc-brakes by Tektro provide you with plenty of stopping power in both wet and dry conditions.



      Blix Vika+

      Integrated LED Brake Light

      The front and rear lights are integrated into the frame and powered by your bike’s battery. Activated during your ride, the rear light also has a built-in reflector and brake light that lights up when you brake.


      Blix Vika+

      Smart Bell

      Smart design is in the details. The small, but loud bell, is conveniently integrated into the left brake lever, allowing easy reach and a clutter-free handlebar.


      Since the very beginning, we've believed in the importance of making ebikes with an incredible user-friendly design. Every aspect and concept of the bike has been designed with the user in mind, created by the voice of the thousands we've met and talked to over the years. It's a bike from you, for you.


      Blix Vika+

      Designed for Convenience

      The Vika+ easily folds in three simple steps in less than 20 seconds, making it easy to store, and easy to bring. Folds into 36"x21"x28" inches.


      Blix Vika+

      Endless Combinations

      Customize the Vika+ according to your needs and carry everything you need, for every adventure. With a loading capacity of 105 lbs, you can mix and match Blix accessories using the Blix unique modular racking system.


      Unmatched Riding Experience

      We designed the Vika+ to give you the absolute best riding experience. The low step-through frame is easy to use, front and rear lights are powered by the battery, the rear rack is equipped with smart mounting points to easily install bags and baskets, and the color matching aluminum fenders and puncture resistant tires let you ride in any weather condition.


      Blix Vika+


      We pride ourself with building ebikes with a sharp focus on smart safety features that protect you, your loved ones, and your bike when riding out in the wild.

      Built for Safe Riding

      Ride safe with smart safety features such as a built-in brake light that automatically lights up when you brake, automatic power cut-off when you brake, and puncture resistant tires with Kevlar technology.

      • LED lights
      • Power Cutoff
      • Disc Brakes
      • Reflective Tire Sidewalls
      • Puncture Resistant Tires



      Great performance is key for fun riding. We build every Blix with a high-capacity long-range battery for long happy rides, a powerful motor for the steepest hills, and intuitive pedal assist and throttle for easy and fun riding.


      Blix Vika+

      Battery & Motor

      One of the most important parts of any ebike is the battery - the quality of the battery is directly related to the quality of your riding experience. By using a high-capacity 48V/14Ah (672Wh) battery with 35E Samsung cells, you get up to 45 miles per charge and 25,000 miles of battery lifetime. In our opinion, only the best is good enough when it comes to the battery.

      The powerful rear motor provides up to 500 watts of raw power, making the Vika+ one of the most capable city ebikes available on the market. Perfect for heavy loading, steep hills and fun riding.

      • Up to 45 Miles Per Charge
      • 5 Hours Charging to full
      • 672Wh Battery capacity
      • 500W Motor power


      Blix Vika+

      Blix Assist Technology

      Control your entire ride with the display by choosing between 1-5 levels of pedal assist power, check your battery life, speed and trip distance. Or charge your phone or speaker while you're at it.

      • Pedal Assist
      • Battery Life
      • USB Charging
      • Speedometer
      • Trip Meter
      • Odometer


    • Specifications


      • Battery: Samsung 48V / 14Ah
      • Motor: Geared, Rear hub-motor, 500W
      • Display: LCD with USB port
      • Throttle: Yes
      • Controller: 48V, Plug and play Julet Connections
      • Sensor: 12 Magnet Cadence Sensor, BB Mount
      • Charger: 2.5A

      Bike Parts

      • Shifter: Shimano 7-speed, Gripshift
      • Crankset: Silver Prowheel 170mm, 52t Chainring
      • Freewheel: Shimano 7-Speed, 14-28
      • Brakes: Tektro Aquila Mechanical Disc Brake, 160mm Rotor
      • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
      • Fork: Aluminum Alloy, 1 1/8" Threaded Steerer Tube
      • Headset: 1 1/8" Threaded
      • Wheel & Tire: 20” wheel, 2.0” tire, 40-65psi recommended
      • Saddle: Comfort padded, brown
      • Seatpost: 27.2mmx400mm, Movable Head
      • Stem: Promax Foldable, 25.4mm clamp
      • Handlebar: Rise Bar, 630mm, 25.4mm clamp
      • Grip: Velo Ergonomic
      • Lights: Front: Integrated, Axendo 6-36V; Rear: Integrated, Rear-Flexio 6V, with brake light
      • Fenders: Painted Alloy


      Geometry: click to enlarge

      Vika+ geometry