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Yuba elMundo Cargo Bike

Yuba elMundo Cargo Bike

Somewhere between the electric car and the bicycle lies the electric bicycle; more specifically, the electric cargo bicycle. So, why electrify?
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      The elMundo is the Mundo—electrified!

      Somewhere between the electric car and the bicycle lies the electric bicycle; more specifically, the electric cargo bicycle. So, why electrify? Among the laundry list of positive attributes inherent to the electric bike, here are a handful of our favorites:

      It's fun: When we say fun, we mean really, really fun. First-time-on-a-bike fun. Wind-whipping-through-your-hair fun. Superhero fun. Get it?

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      It's powerful: Your pedal power plus a motor, just imagine what's possible: flatten hills, shorten travel time, and skip the shower upon arrival. Add a couple of a kids and a cargo load to your elMundo BionX, tackle a hill, and watch the passers byers stare in awe as you blaze past (this contributes to the fun mentioned above). You have control over the motor. Increase and decrease electric-assistance as you wish.

      It's green: A true alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. On top of the bicycle's innate green design, the El Mundo will get you most any place a car will with a lot less pollution, carbon, and zero fuel. It's rechargeable battery lasts 20-37 miles—depending on usage and terrain—and costs 3-5 cents per charge.

      It's the future: For all the reason above—and more to come—electric bikes are here to stay. They provide exercise, a relationship with the great outdoors, they save money, they're safe, they perform a bit like a car and a lot like a bicycle, they allow you to circumvent clogged arteries, and park (almost) anywhere. Oh, and there's no driver's license required.

      See the Mundo for a description of everything else you can expect from the elMundo.

      (All elMundo BionX are delivered with Wheelskirts installed on fenders.)

      Ride Characteristics
      • Powerful Motor & Gearing
      • Superbly Stiff Frame
      • Nimble Handling
      • Mega Load Capacity
      • Multiple Passenger Capacity
    • elMundo Features

      Charged up and ready to ride!

      The elMundo electric cargo bicycle adds a powerful and quiet power boost, making it easier than ever to carry the people and things you need to take where you're going.

      Fast, good and cheap: At just 3 cents to 5 cents per charge, the elMundo provides unparalleled value, range, and speed. Every charge will help propel you for 25-50 miles, depending on the load, the terrain, and how much you rely on the electric assist, all with a top speed of 20 miles per hour.

      The elMundo 4.3 features:

      • Rear wheel-mounted hub motor (top speed 20 mph) BionX motor with disc mount.
      • Lithium Manganese (Li-Mn), 48V, 8.8Ah providing a 25 to 50 mile range
      • Pedal assist bike
      • Button throttle for additional power
      • 4 amps Smart charger Maximum charge time 6 hrs charging temperature +5°C +35°C
      • Stand Alone & Deflopilator & Bamboo Deck & Wheelskirts included!
      • Orange or Black color only.
      • 2 year warranty on all electric components [register here].
      • Friendly online and phone tech support

      Plus, all the great features of the Mundo 4.3:

      • CroMo fork
      • Tektro Disc Brake Front+ Rear
      • Threadless headset
      • 21 speed drivetrain
      • Responsive SRAM drivetrain rear 14-28T
      • 44/32/22 chainring
      • Threadless fork and stem
      • Comfortable Cionlli seat with quick-release seat post
      • Sideloader attachments to support any load
      • Braze-ons for customization
      • Standard fenders
      • Uni-frame fit, comfortable for riders from 5 feet to 6.5 feet tall (1.5m to 2m)
    • elMundo Customizations

      Bambino Buggy
      • Yepp Maxi with Adapter
      • Soft Spot
      • Hold-on or Ring
      • 1 or 2 Baguettes
      • Wheelskirts
      • Bread Basket
      Big Brother & Little Sister

      As your family grows, the Mundo grows with it. Add-ons:

      • Yepp Maxi with Adapter
      • Soft Spot
      • Hold-on or Ring
      • Wheelskirts (always included)
      • Bamboo Running Boards
      • Bread Basket
      Box Bringer

      Just need to get a bunch of stuff from point A to point B? Add-ons:

      • 2 Go Getter Bags
      • Utility Straps (not shown)
      elMundo Electrified

      If you're looking to start a bicycle-based business, the Mundo is the perfect platform to build the bike on.

      • BionX motor
      • Stand Alone
      • Wheelskirts
      Go-Getter Gourmand

      Tired of not being able to fit a watermelon, a case of wine and frozen goose onto your bike? Maybe you have a business delivering freight? Add-ons:

      • 2 Go-Getter Bags
      • Bread Basket
      Mega Hauler

      Need to carry large, ungainly things? Simply load them onto the sideloaders and strap 'em tight. Add-ons:

      • Utility Straps
      • Running Boards
      Pickup Artist

      Wanna pick up your sweetie, go to the movies get some wine or beer? Heck yeah! Add-ons:

      • Hold-on or Ring
      • Soft Spot
      • Go-Getter bag
      After School Bus

      If you've got multiple school-aged kids (or just one with a lot of friends!), this is the set up for you.

      • Monkey Bars
      • 2 Soft Spots
      • Ring
      • Wheelskirts
      • Leg-Up
      • Bread Basket
      Board Bike

      Want to get to the water the carbon-free way? Take your SUP, kayak, or surf board by bike. Add-on:

      • Utility Straps
      • Board Kit
      Tike Truck

      Got some wiggly twins you need to take places? Add-ons:

      • 2 Yepp Maxi and 2 Adapters
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      See Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike for more bike details.

      Compare Mundo and Boda Boda bikes, electric and non-electric versions.

      Color Options
      Mundo Cargo Bike black
      Mundo Cargo Bike orange

      Feel confident about your new transportation choice, read more about the elMundo: Electric FAQs

      Visit your friendly local bike mechanic for fine tuning, including proper adjustment of wheels, derailleur and shifters.

      Shipping & Delivery: The elMundo ships 85% assembled with the electric rear wheel installed. Only the front wheel, pedals, handlebars and sideloaders need to be installed.

      SAFETY NOTE: Use of Wheelskirts recommended when carrying children.


      "For starters, I need to keep moving my body. With kids, jobs, hobbies, social lives and everything that goes with that, I don't have the time—nor do I want to..."
      - Paul Willerton Electric Bicycle Report

      "I'm a rider, just trying to get my load around town in the most efficient, car-free way possible. The Yuba elMundo does the trick."
      - Bicycle Times #15