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Bikes are useful, friendly, healthy, affordable, functional, fun, multi-cultural, and powered by you. They’re interactive and participatory and encourage freedom, exploration, creativity, and awareness. They are a connector of people, places, and things, and the facilitator of childlike bliss and a svelte physics. They promote a simplified and slower-paced lifestyle, something every one of us—even you—could use. This is what a bicycle can do. What now, you ask, can a cargo bicycle do? A cargo bicycle delivers all of the above, plus endless configurations of innovative schlepping to and from (your entire family in tow).
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Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike

Mundo: It's not just a bike, it's a lifestyle. Where will ...


Yuba Boda Boda Cargo Bike

We'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the Yuba ...


Yuba elMundo Cargo Bike

Somewhere between the electric car and the bicycle lies the ...


Yuba Flip Flop Child Cargo Bike

Youngsters Will Flip Out for this Little Cargo Bike!


Yuba Yepp Maxi seat

The Yepp Maxi is a light and easy-to-use rear child bicycle ...

Yuba Baguette Bag

The Baguette Bag is similar to the Go-Getter cargo bag with ...

Yuba Wheelskirts

An extra dash of safety for small feet.

Yuba Utility Deck

The Utility Deck is made out of recycled milk jugs or ...

Yuba Towing Tray

Have you been looking for a way to take more bikes with you?

Yuba Stand Alone Kickstand

Ultra-stable, the Stand Alone kickstand offers a large and ...

Yuba Soft Spot

A comfy ride, the Soft Spot offers your passengers a ...

Yuba Rumble Strap

The Rumble Strap is made from tubular webbing that’s strong ...

Yuba The Ring

The stylish Boda Boda cargo bicycle presented by Yuba Bikes ...

Yuba Bamboo Boards

Our bamboo boards provide the perfect support for your ...

Yuba Monkey Bars

Calling all families! Keep those monkeys safe and secure.